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'Battle Worlds: Kronos' Kickstarter concludes at $260K


Battle Worlds: Kronos recently concluded its Kickstarter funding round with 7,564 backers pledging $260,235. Under development by KING Art, Kronos surpassed its goal of $120,000 early on in the drive with 22 days to spare. Battle Worlds: Kronos is intended as a streamlined tactics game á la Advanced Wars.

"45 days ago we were not sure if we could collect $120,000. We're a small studio, we hadn't had a well-known IP and we're German – so we got a fair amount of 'angst,'" KING Art studio head Jan Theysen told us. "We see ourselves on the way to become a 'Kickstarter company.' Making games together with a community of gamers and funded by that community... what could be better?"

KING Art previously found success (mostly in Europe) with the point and click adventure game The Book of Unwritten Tales. Battle Worlds: Kronos is scheduled to enter closed beta in the third quarter for backers and go full open beta shortly after. The game is planned to launch in the fourth quarter of 2013.

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