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A temporary fix to the gold sellers' spam invitations


WoW Insider has received notifications to our tip line, as well as noted a particular problem coming up on the forums. The gold seller spam invitations in our calendars appear to have returned. They were gone, as a forum thread notes, for some time, almost 2 years, and all of a sudden they have returned.

There seems to have been a breakthrough among the gold sellers, allowing their bots to once again spam players' calendars with events advertizing their ill-gotten wares. We're not exactly sure just how they're doing it, but MVP Shammoz and Community Manager Eldtyara have been hard at work notifying the devs of the issue, as well as digging up a couple of solutions.

The first solution, as confirmed by Shammoz, is, rather than right-clicking the event and picking Ignore from the drop down menu, typing /ignore into chat. This appears to remove all the invitations from your calendar, rather than just the one you right-clicked on.

The other option is to run a script, which several players have asserted has solved the problem, as can be seen in the forum thread which shares it. Running a script simply involves pasting it into your chat and hitting enter, and the script itself is below:

/run for i=0,99 do for y=1,31 do t,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,iB =CalendarGetDayEvent(i,y,1) if iB=="" or t=="TITLE" then CalendarContextInviteRemove(i,y,1) end end end

Change "Title" to the current common event name the spammers use

This macro should delete any events that either have no leader (character deleted or removed from calendar) or any invites with the given title.

As Eldtyara points out, this has been passed onto the devs, and will be dealt with in good time. But for now, this should at least make sure your new event indicator is alerting you of something you want to see. As always, don't buy gold, you're only encouraging this sort of annoying behavior!

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