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Community Blog Topic Results: The definition of a perfect guild


A couple weeks ago, we introduced the Community Blog Topic and asked for responses on personal blogs that we could then spotlight here. Unfortunately, no one left a blog link for us to spotlight. Fortunately, however, there were many blog-length comments that we can discuss.

The question was "What makes a perfect guild?" My response was that a guild had to have three qualities in order to be perfect: posted guild rules, strong leadership, and a consistent focus. Most of the commenters felt I had neglected one important requirement: people.

Sarabande_Mage said:

I think people make the guild. Leadership can only do so much - what they do IS important (after all, they can determine who comes into the guild, who might have to be asked to leave, what kinds of people to attract, etc), but an organization is only as good as its members.

This is a good point. Without good people who follow the posted rules, listen to the strong leadership and help keep the focus consistent, there is no guild.

isis47470 adds that the adaptability of guildies is key.
I find that what makes a guild successful is when the players realize their guild mates are all people, just like they are. Good leadership and consistent, fair rules help a lot especially when it comes to the inevitable drama, but what really makes a guild is its members. The ability to adapt is key as well, nothing in the game stays the same for long, raid groups, peoples mains, chosen spec even the very game its self changes with patches. What defines a guild as successful is the ability to take those changes and succeed in the face of perhaps an adverse change be it to class or mechanic, as well as its players to rise to the challenge and help each other conquer the task.
The attitude of the players and the guild in general is also important, according to Zaronis.

The Fifth thing necessary for a successful guild is the right attitude. My raid leader says "Pessimism kills". It isn't easy to inspire the proper mix of confidence and self improvement.

I've seen the error of my ways and agree that the perfect guild must have a fourth quality: the right kind of people for that guild.

Tune in tomorrow for the next Community Blog Topic.

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