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Starbound earns over $1 million; extra race, fossils and pets a go


Starbound, a sandbox exploration game with randomly generated worlds, is coming from developer Chucklefish, who has been raising money through its pre-order page (take that, Kickstarter!) for some time. Today, Starbound has received over $1 million from crowd-funding, securing all stretch goal extras for the game.

Upon reaching $500,000, Chucklefish promised a new playable race called the Novakids – nomads comprised of gases who have no planet to call home. At $750,000, fossils were introduced: rare and valuable materials players can unearth using special tools. Finally the $1 million threshold promised starter pets, which are companions that can't fight or be controlled – unlike the alien creatures you actually can capture and force to fight – but they love you unconditionally and that's the important thing.

There isn't an exact date for Starbound's launch, though the game is due sometime this year on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya.

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