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The Daily Grind: Which game has the best taverns?


I love me a good tavern in an MMO. Taverns are so iconic to fantasy games and literature, being a place where adventures begin, fellowship is begun, and a respite is enjoyed. In MMOs, they're usually wonderfully detailed buildings that are perfect for roleplay, a quick stop to sell some loot, or even the odd quest or two.

Pretty much every fantasy MMO has them (and some of the non-fantasy ones as well). I think they make the world feel more lived in; a tavern is pretty much a home-away-from-home for the world-traveled adventurer, after all. Lord of the Rings Online has some of my favorite watering holes in plenty of varieties, especially the newer ones in Rohan.

If you're partial to taverns too, which game do you think has the best ones?

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