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Breakfast Topic: What do casual and hardcore mean?


These are terms that are bandied around a lot. Catering to the casuals, WoW has become a game for casuals, the rose-tinted spectacles of players who assert that the game used to be hardcore and has somehow slipped from its glory days into the mire of casual gaming.

But what do casual and hardcore mean? Certainly there are extremes. Nobody in their right mind could accuse Method or Blood Legion of being casual. These world first guilds are pretty much the epitome of the hardcore player. And yet, their Finnish cousins, Paragon, are accused of losing their hardcore crown by switching raid sizes. And at the other end of the spectrum, there are people who might log on once a week and run a heroic 5-man.

Of course, it's also worth remembering that your notion of what casual and hardcore are might not match those of your friends, your guild, your family. What is the cut-off point between hardcore-casual and casual-hardcore? How much WoW do you have to play to make the shift from a casual player into a hardcore one? Or is there some other measure, such as longevity, that qualifies some over others? Or maybe the whole thing is nonsense.

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