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Capcom year-end results: sales up, profit down, Resident Evil 6 failed to meet projections at 4.9M


Resident Evil 6, Capcom's flagship of horrors for the fiscal year concluding March 31, 2013, certainly has "plateaued," as Capcom put it in today's results. The game, which launched in October of 2012, shipped over 4.5 million units at the time. The company announced today the game sold 4.9 million units. Comparatively, Resident Evil 5 has sold 6.1 million units.

"As a result, [Resident Evil 6] did not meet with our projection," the company's statement reads. "In contrast, Dragon's Dogma became a greater-than-expected hit product in the domestic market, which has high profitability, and became an unprecedented million seller in the recent years as an original title."

Overall, Capcom sales were up 14.6 percent for the year to ¥94.07 million ($950M), with net income down to ¥2.97 million ($30M), which is a decrease of 56 percent from last year. Capcom expects this year to be similar in revenues, but hopes to bring that profit back to the 2012 level. This year's line-up includes Remember Me and Lost Planet 3.

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