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Caption contest: Google Glass explorer takes virtual vision to a whole new level


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What's better than a single pair of Glass Explorer Editions, you say? How about five? Well, that's exactly what Mr. Adib Towfiq has done, mounting a few of these bizarre frames to his head and, luckily for us, he took to Mountain View's social network to share it with the world. Now, he asks, "Am I doing it right?" If anything, we'd say this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Edgar: "You stay Glassy, San Diego"
Billy: "What? I'm just multi-tasking!"
Brad: "This is the best way to solve the battery life problem."
Ben Gilbert: "Adib Towfiq is ... THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN."
Jamie: "Google Glass... Baller Edition"
Tim: "Okay, Glass. Okay, Glass. Okay, Glass. Okay, Glass. Okay, Glass. Take a picture. Take a picture. Take a picture. Take a picture. Take a picture."
Richard Lai: "I'm four times cooler than Tim Stevens."
Jon Fingas: "Augment all the realities!"
Andy: "Am I the man? Yes. Can I walk a straight line? Maybe."
Darren: "Goooooooooogle Glass"
Terrence: "So I says to myself, 'I can completely pay off my student loans or buy five Google Glass headsets.' I have no regrets."
Mark: " I see dead people!"
Myriam: "Google glass, now with 10 cores."

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