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Mike Diva's live action Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon trailer is dumb bliss


There's something about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon's ridiculous setting that is really resonating with people. Prominent YouTuber Mike Diva (real name: Mike Dahlquist) has constructed his own take on the universe, producing the above trailer whose highlight may be a chase sequence featuring cloud surfing. Or maybe it's Rex atop a flying shark with lasers on its head. We're having a tough time deciding.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon launched at the end of April through Xbox Live, PSN and PC digital distribution channels, a game our review said "broadens the appeal of its source, thanks to a hilarious, accessible dollop of nostalgia, coated in the mechanics that made Far Cry 3 great." Michael Biehn, who plays protagonist Rex Power Colt, has said that Ubisoft is currently considering a sequel based on sales exceeding expectations.

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