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Motorola XT1058 for AT&T hits the FCC, could be XFON related


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We've been waiting to see what Motorola would produce now that it's a part of Google, and one of its first phones to bring the stock Android 4.2 experience may have just been revealed in an FCC filing. The XT1058 sports AT&T compatible LTE bands and NFC, and its model number matches some of the rumors mentioned for phones codenamed Yeti, Ghost or Sasquatch. More concrete ties to the original X Phone rumors are pictures of an AT&T-bound "XFON" posted by @evleaks last week, and the XT912 Vietnamese site got its hands on in March. When will we find out what's hiding behind door number 1? Google I/O is next week and it seems (to us) like the perfect time for a big reveal, while we wait you can hit the source link to dig through the documents for any more information.

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