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Sharp reportedly laying off 5,000 employees, focusing more on smartphone displays and bigger, better TVs for US market


Sharp finally had something positive to report a couple of months ago when it received a much-need cash injection from Samsung, but today's news isn't so rosy. According to The Asahi Shimbun, Sharp will reveal a three-year management plan next Tuesday that'll see 5,000 workers losing their jobs as part of the company's efforts to claw its way back into the black. Many of those who are expected to be axed are said to be employed outside of Japan, but the number of empty desks at Sharp's head office in Osaka is also set to increase -- half of the workforce there will be sent on their way, including half of the company's directors. Allegedly, Sharp will also begin producing more 4K sets and 70-inch or over HDTVs for the US market, and also shift its broader focus towards making more "small-sized panels for smartphones and other devices." Who exactly are these displays being made for, we wonder?

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