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Rumor: PS4 to hit Europe this year


The PS4 won't be delayed into 2014 in Europe, according to a CVG source. "An insider involved with PlayStation's business strategy" told the site Sony is expecting Microsoft to more aggressively target Europe. The insider claims Sony, mindful of the Xbox 360's early arrival ahead of the PS3, will release the PS4 on the continent this year to maintain the region's affinity for PlayStation.

As CVG notes, Edge sources previously claimed the PS4 would be delayed in Europe until "early 2014." Sony has precedent here; the PS3 reached Europe in March 2007, having arrived in North America and Japan in November 2006. Europe was originally lined up for November 2006 too, but Sony delayed the PS3's arrival with two months to go.

At the PS4 reveal in February, Sony said the console was coming in "Holiday 2013," but refused to commit to which regions the window applied to. E3 would seem a good bet for Sony to get more specific about the PS4's arrival, especially depending on just how much Microsoft reveals next week.

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