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Vostok gearing up for Survarium alpha invites

Jef Reahard

Vostok's Survarium, a spiritual sequel to the STALKER series, is getting ready to send out alpha invites. A dev diary posted yesterday on the game's official forums says that the first wave will welcome 1,000 testers into the post-apocalyptic MMO shooter's fold. Vostok says that of those 1,000 testers, no less than 200 of them will be stressing the game's servers around the clock.

The dev diary also outlines what testers can expect from the early stages of the project. The alpha, for example, is "team-based PvP combat mode only," and even this is necessarily scaled down in order to ensure that key components like shooting, movement, and synchronization are working properly.

You can register for the Survarium alpha at the game's official website.

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