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iOS Review: BrightNest makes finding a start to spring cleaning a breeze


I'm not an organizational wizard. Neither is my wife. We've got busy schedules, artistic personalities, and cleaning is often the last thing on our minds. Worst of all, when we do finally find time to clean things have usually gotten so bad we don't know where to start. Enter BrightNest.

BrightNest is a iOS app and website that makes organizing home improvement tasks a breeze. The app is offers users eight possible areas of home improvement to choose from.

  • Handy for maintenance
  • Healthy for keeping away germs
  • Green for lessening environmental impact
  • Savvy for saving money
  • Curious for educational lessons
  • Clean for keeping messes away
  • Creative for DIY projects
  • Hungry for meals and snacks

Each section features a list of articles that easily explain what your task is, how long it will take and what you'll need to complete it. Best of all, each task uses common household items to complete, so you won't find yourself putting off cleaning the windows because you don't have any cleaner. Turns out you just need white vinegar and corn starch.

Articles are accompanied by a heart, calendar and check at the bottom of each window. Using these buttons you can easily add an article to your favorites, schedule a task for later or mark it as complete. Because the app syncs with your free account on the BrightNest website, it's easy for a family to share on account and keep up to date on what's been done and what's still waiting in the wings.

BrightNest's user interface is clear, clean and easy to learn. Within minutes you'll be zooming in and out of articles, building your to-do list for the coming weeks. The clear instructions take care of any learning curve and the variety keeps taks from becoming stale.

Let's face it, they don't teach Home Economics in school any more. For the recent high school or college grad out on their own for the first time, or maybe a newly single 40-year-old whose never run a house by themselves, BrightNest is an invaluable tool for keeping on top of your living space.

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