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Watch this morning's summery Nintendo Direct right here [update: and it's done]


We're not sure today's Nintendo Direct will announce much in the way of new Wii U games. Well, it' unlikely to reveal any new EA ones, anyway. What we do know is that the North American broadcast covers Wii U and 3DS games coming in the summer.

As ever, the North American stream intertwines with simultaneous ones from Europe and Japan. Ninty's Euro division says its stream is about spring and summer Wii U games. Should you prefer, you can find both those streams after the break.

We hope you're ready to rumble, because this summer party gets started at 10AM ET (7AM PT, 3PM UK) right here on this post, right here on this Joystiq. We'll have all the news for you as it's revealed, like lots of little suns peeking out from behind an Iwata-shaped cloud.

Update: It's all over, friends. And there was a new game...

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