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Sunday Morning Funnies: Gratz

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Each week, SMF is placing a regularly updating WoW-related web comic under a spotlight. This week's feature is Gratz:

Gratz is a humorous comic by Lackinganame (Jason Nebeker). It is a relatively new comic, and family-friendly. It's fun and a great one to check out each week if you enjoy watching an artist evolve.

It began as a few character sketches and evolved into a full story-based comic. It features five main characters: Vancore (a leader, hero), Starfire (gifted, insightful druid), Red and Green (brothers; jokers, trouble-makers), and Gorak (wise, grandfather-figure, trainer, aging leader).

Gratz Genesis was written from 2009-2011 but not published until 2012, when the artist was able to devote more time to the comic. This is also when Gratz Transition was born, which not only features the characters as older, but also an updated art style.

Gratz updates Mondays, usually with 3-4 pages (and sometimes more!).

And now, this week's comics:

In comic news this week, you may have noticed the absence of The Gnomish Investigation Agency. Unfortunately, Coggling is having computer troubles. There could feasibly be an update by next Sunday, if all goes well (and we hope it does!).

And although What's Shakin' is absent this week, Coffin Comics has a couple relevant comics. Check them out above if you missed them!

Finally, as always, feel free to leave a submission in the comments section. SMF features new and established comics as well as comics that are not usually about WoW, but do have some relevant content to share.

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