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Valve's Tom Forsyth and robotics scientist Steve LaValle join Oculus team


The Oculus team just got bigger by two, with software engineer Tom Forsyth, formerly of Valve, and robotic scientist Dr. Steve LaValle of the University of Illinois both jumping on board. Forsyth previously worked alongside Joe Ludwig and Michael Abrash on Valve's Team Fortress 2, which has a VR mode specifically designed for the developer version of the Rift. Valve's developers were some of the first to get their hands on dev kits, and Forsyth's considerable experience will be put towards the Rift SDK and a few secret R&D projects. LaValle also has some history with Oculus; he's had a hand in developing VR hardware and software with the company since last September. As Oculus' full-time principle scientist, LaValle will be working on things like sensor fusion, magnetic drift correction, and kinematic modeling. Though the Rift is still a long way off from being ready for consumer use, this savvy collection of industry talent could be a sign that big things are afoot for the VR company.

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