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Evernote introduces reminders to Mac, iOS apps


One of the reasons that I've never been a super-user of Evernote is that while it's a great place to save your notes, scans and other materials, it's never had the ability to simply let you know when you need to get something done. Instead, it has always relied on another app to give you a heads-up that you need to work on something. Today, Evernote released updates for the Mac and iOS clients that introduce a built-in reminder function.

In a beautiful writeup of the feature over at, Federico Viticci details his experiences testing the reminders capability prior to release, saying that "reminders are a good addition that fit well with Evernote's focus on remembering everything through a unified, polished interface."

As Viticci notes, this update doesn't add the level of reminder functionality that you'll find in Due or OmniFocus. Instead, the reminders are there to associate a reminder with an Evernote note. On the Mac app, reminders are accessed with a click on a small clock icon that displays a popover for adding a date. Should you clear a Reminder, the note it is attached to is untouched and remains for future reference.

Viticci says that he was quite surprised with the lack of a natural-language input method for reminders, since both Due and Fantastical allow entries like "next Thursday" or "today at 8." But the main point of the new feature is that you don't create a reminder -- instead, you're creating a note that just happens to have a reminder attached to it.

Be sure to check out Federico's detailed post about Evernote's new reminders; in the meantime, here's a video from Evernote VP of Marketing Andrew Sinkov about the addition.

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