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Class of Heroes 2 available on PSN June 4


Class of Heroes 2, MonkeyPaw's PSP game from 2009, is finally coming to North America on June 4. PSN users can snag the fully localized JRPG dungeon crawler – which is playable on both PSP and PS Vita – for $25 from the PSN store.

The effort to localize Class of Heroes 2 began in 2012 with a Kickstarter campaign seeking $500,000 in funding. Ultimately, only $96,951 was raised, though MonkeyPaw CEO John Greiner wasn't too down in a follow-up interview with Joystiq.

Greiner said that even though the Kickstarter campaign failed, "we were able to educate people about the game and its features. That will help immensely when we release the digital version."

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MonkeyPaw Games Announce Class of Heroes II Releasing June 4th on PlayStation®Network

North America will be able to download the fully localized J-RPG dungeon crawler sequel soon for $24.99

Hokkaido, Japan – May 21st, 2013 - MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. in partnership with GAIJINWORKS, LLC today announced that import J-RPG Class of Heroes II will be making its North American debut June 4th on PlayStation®Network for $24.99. The newly localized digital release, playable on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and PlayStation®Vita system via PlayStation®Network, will also mark the first time that North American gamers will be able to play the addictive dungeon crawler sequel, boasting significant gameplay tweaks and improvements over the original.

Class of Heroes II will please fans of dungeon crawlers with over 140 challenging quests, 100+ dungeon maps, crazy monster hordes, branching storylines and endings, as well as hundreds of equipment and skill combinations for beefing up soon-to-be hero students. The refined J-RPG will feature numerous hours of strategic gameplay making Class of Heroes II a deep experience with plenty of replay value.

"We're extremely excited to release this addicting sequel for more reasons than the obvious localization enhancements" said Ray Almeda, Marketing & PR Manager at MonkeyPaw Games. "Class of Heroes II is just one of many J-RPGs that deserve to be played by more gamers around the world and we hope, for the hardcore fans, that other companies realize that these kinds of opportunities are also possible."

New gameplay trailers of Class of Heroes II can be found at the following links: - Beginning of game - Opening sequence - Sample easy quest (mild spoilers)

New gameplay screenshots can be downloaded above. More details on Class of Heroes 2 are also available at and

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