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Vintage meets future: importing photos to an iPad from a floppy disk


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The iPad's Camera Connection Kit is a remarkably talented accessory. With its standard USB connector plus a bit of ingenuity, clever folks have found all sorts of things to connect that would not ordinarily be expected to connect: headsets, keyboards and a variety of storage devices. You can even connect an iPhone to an iPad and import photos from one to the other.

The latest demonstration of how flexible the CCK can be comes via vintage Mac fan Niles Mitchell. He pointed out this video showing an iPad importing photos (slowly and deliberately, to be sure) from a properly prepped floppy disk.

Given a powered USB hub to provide adequate juice, it's possible to fake out the iPad's import process by using a MS-DOS/FAT formatted floppy and putting a "DCIM" folder on the disk. Any photos inside that folder that have DOS-legal filenames (8.3) will be read by the CCK and the iPad.

Is it practical? Heck no. But it's still pretty cool. Video below.

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