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Breakfast Topic: Your fondest WoW memory


Over here in good old England, today is just an ordinary bank holiday. No special purpose or celebration, just, for some reason, we have a day off work. But I've heard from various sources that, across the pond in the US, it's all rather different -- a day to remember.

So with that in mind, I began thinking about memories, specifically in WoW, and thought I'd ask you, dear reader, what was your fondest WoW memory. The one you hold dearest, or one that makes you laugh, or one that tugs a little at the heartstrings. I have more than I can count, happy memories that make me smile and laugh, as well as sad ones. Hitting max level on my first character, my first ever epic item (which I still have), winning my first arena, a lot of them are firsts. But a lot are also just silly, funny things, like falling endlessly into the lava on Magmaw. Or my guild-mate Toby yelling "avenge me!" as he was blown off a precipice somewhere or other.

Something actually happened to me just yesterday which will be a funny memory for a long time. Two guild-mates and I were doing the new Battle on the High Seas scenario, in Heroic, and both of them rolled the cursed pirate dice. One got a debuff that caused a random gang of skeletons to attack us, while the other got a debuff that meant he was under fire from cannons. For three minutes. This led to huge hilarity as we tried to finish the scenario, while also dealing with heavy cannon fire that killed the third member of our group!

So what about you? Tell me about your WoW memories!

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