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Fan brings SWTOR's Darth Malgus to life

MJ Guthrie

It's no secret that as players, we can really get into our favorite MMOs. But some folks have the skills and dedication to take this much further than the rest of us mere mortals! Such is the case with Julian Checkley, who sent us a video in which he plucked Darth Malgus from Star Wars: The Old Republic's Deceived trailer right off the screen and plunked him down in real life.

Built from scratch in his workshop in Ireland, the costume took six weeks to complete. This footage was actually a spur of the moment idea to show off the just-complete project, and Checkley noted that no CGI was used. He did, however, lament that the costume was lacking a sexy blue Twi'lek partner. Watch him don the costume for the first time after the break, and tell us if that isn't just the definition of awesome!

[Thanks to our tipster!]

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