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Legacy of Kain revival suggested by AMD drivers


Some potentially good news in the world of eternal grudges today, with more evidence of a new game in the Legacy of Kain series being unearthed. Buried in the driver files of a new patch to AMD's Crossfire program are several references to "War for Nosgoth" and "Nosgoth."

The files were spotted by Eidos forum user Corlagon, via a tweet from an AMD employee. Kain fans will know that the game takes place in the realm of Nosgoth, and you may also recall that Square Enix registered the domain "" earlier this year.

Furthermore, SteamDB, which keeps records of Steams extensive database, logged the image above, again suggesting Kain and Raziel might return to go another round. As VGLeaks notes, the symbol in the image matches the configuration of the Pillars of Nosgoth, one of the important landmarks in the Kain series.

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