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Breakfast Topic: Could you step into your character's shoes?


Every character I've successfully bonded with displays at least some element that relates to the real-world me. Sometimes the tie is tenuous -– a physical resemblance or a quirk of habit that relates to my larger "family" of characters or to me. But when I play a character that's too divergent from the real me, I tend to lose the emotional connection. The character becomes simply "my toon," a tool I use to get certain raid jobs done. (Aaand queue the credits, because that's always the sign that this character's screen time is about to come to a close.)

Still, I'm not so similar to my characters that I think I could handle the work they do in Azeroth. What if I actually possessed the same toolkit of class skills and abilities? I can most assuredly imagine myself as my priest, healing a raid of hardy adventurers. Grace under pressure and rapid triage are strong points for me, and I don't flinch from the unexpected. I wouldn't imagine I'd be traumatized by the horrors of battle. The work of a mage also seems like a solid fit, although I'd prefer to find a useful position off the field of combat. But life as a warrior? Even if I had the physical strength, I'm not sure I could take leaping into melee, day in and day out. Blood and gore at my hand? Not for me.

Could you effectively step into your character's shoes in Azeroth? Like my mage, could you get the work done if you could find a non-combat position? Or do you play any characters whose jobs simply aren't a fit in any sense for the real you?

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