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Broadcom introduces low-power WiFi and Bluetooth chips for the Internet of things


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The Internet of things -- that nebulous term usually associated with interconnecting everyday objects in a meaningful way -- is in the news again. Yesterday, Broadcom announced that it's launching a couple cost-effective, power-efficient wireless chips geared towards appliances, home automation and wearable devices. The first SoC, BCM4390, incorporates a highly-efficient WiFi radio for embedded use in products such as weight scales, thermostats and security cameras. It fits into the company's range of Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) chips. The second SoC, BCM20732, features an ultra low-power Bluetooth transceiver and targets devices like heart rate monitors, pedometers and door locks. Broadcom's also contributing its Bluetooth software stack to the Android Open Source Project with support for both standard and Bluetooth Smart hardware. Does this mean our long-awaited smart toaster's just around the corner? We sure hope so. Follow the source links below for more info.

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