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Evernote two-step verification now available for Premium and Business users

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Three months after a major database hack, Evernote has finally made good on its promise to implement two-factor authentication as an additional precautionary measure. Following the footsteps of other security-conscious companies, the technique requires not just your username and password, but also a six-digit code provided either via text message or an app like Google Authenticator. Further, you can print out a list of backup codes in case you don't have your phone handy. Premium and Business users will be the first to get this functionality -- they'll be treated as a test group for feedback. Once the system is optimized for a wider audience, it'll be offered to all users.

Other apps in the Evernote clan, including Skitch, Penultimate and Evernote Food will need to be updated and certain third-party apps might need to be given their own dedicated passwords as well. Aside from the double-step verification, Evernote has also introduced the ability to view your account's access history and a list of authorized applications; you can revoke any device from your account settings if necessary. All of these added layers of security are totally optional, of course, but you might want to set yourself a reminder to check them out.

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