Two-step verification starts rolling out for Microsoft accounts

Everyone else is doing it, so why not Microsoft, right? The company has been accused of playing the "me too" game in the past, but we're not going to complain when the the end result is better security. As we learned from a leak last week, Redmond will begin enabling two-step verification for Microsoft accounts. The switch will get flipped for everyone over the next few days and, with email, Xbox Live and Skype (just to name a few) associated with the service formerly known as Live, it's never been more important to keep it locked down. (Especially when others are learning this lesson the hard way.) The two-factor gateway is purely opt-in, except where it's already been required: editing credit card information and accessing SkyDrive from a new computer. There's even a dedicated authenticator app for Windows Phone 8, which works whether or not you've got an internet connection. There's loads more detail at the source and you can check to see if the feature has been turned on for your account at the more coverage link. And if you can, we strongly suggest you turn it on. Like, now.