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Giana Sisters dev venturing into 'Ravensdale'


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams developer Black Forest Games has revealed some details about its next project, Ravensdale. The game is described as a side-scrolling platform and shooter with "high-octane co-op carnage action" in a [breath] fantasy tech universe.

Ravensdale is currently in its concept and prototyping phase. Once there's a playable build, the studio will hit up Kickstarter for funds. The crowdfunding is expected to start in a month or two and the studio expects to design the game in a "highly modular fashion, with highly interconnected, but not interdependent feature packages."

"We intend to exercise the full extent of the freedom crowdfunding would give us to deliver a truly unique, intense, high energy, raw and out of this world co-op experience," the studio wrote on its site.

Black Forest plans to gradually expand the game with add-ons after launch, but let's not put the bridled goblin before the cart just yet.

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