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Hearthstone's Earth Elemental card deals a world of pun-ishment


Over on the Hearthstone official site, a new shaman minion card has been revealed: the Earth Elemental, and it's designed to deal crushing blows to its opponents. This minion has a truly mountainous amount of attack power and health compared to its mana cost. Be careful, though, its Overload ability reduces your available mana for the following turn, which could make the going a bit rocky!

To avoid this, you can pair the Earth Elemental with complementary cards such as the Ancestral Spirit, which will bring it back to combat without incurring the penalty and help to crystallize your victory. As a bonus, the preview also details another card that works well with Ancestral Spirit, but you'll have to rock up the page yourself to find out what.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to run away from my computer to hide from the landslide of outrage I fully expect my (word)Play Hearthstone plug to incur!

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