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HP Wireless Portable Speaker with NFC spotted in regulatory paperwork

Sharif Sakr

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HP will soon have an NFC-enabled Bluetooth speaker to go along with its NFC-enabled mouse, not that we reckon the two will ever have much to say to each other. The manufacturer's Wireless Portable Speaker (model no. S9500) has just been revealed in an FCC filing, where it managed to pass inspection without giving away a great deal of information beyond its physical styling (more retro than HP's current wireless speaker) and the name of the engineer who signed the test report ("Apple," confusingly). Beyond that, we know this speaker would have to pair manually with a Slate 7, since that tablet lacks NFC. Also, the Quick Setup Guide says "First Edition: June 2013", which suggests an official launch could be just around the corner -- potentially alongside other unknown, NFC-enabled products from HP.

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