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Nintendo Japan announces white 32GB Wii U, Wiimote quick charger


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An official extended battery for its Wii U Gamepad isn't the only thing Nintendo Japan posted on its website tonight, as it also added a white option for the Wii U 32GB Premium set, a 30th Anniversary Luigi special edition 3DS XL and quick charging option for the Wiimote. Surveys surfaced earlier this year suggesting a fast charging option on the way for the Wiimote, and in Japan gamers will be able to add the accessory -- consisting of replacement battery / backplate and charging stand, pictured after the break -- starting July 13th for 4,200 yen ($41) , and 2,625 yen ($26) for the battery alone. That should allow not only faster charging, but also longer battery life than Wii gamers have been used to.

July 13th is the same day the white Wii U premium will arrive as well, coming at the same price and packing the same accessories as the existing black 32GB console. Finally, Nintendo listed all the details for the special Luigi edition 3DS XL announced recently on Nintendo Direct. Of course, none of these are the games that even Iwata admits the Wii U needs, but a few more choices can't hurt, can they?

Nintendo Japan announces white 32GB Wii U, Wiimote quick charger and special Luigi edition 3DS XL

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