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XCOM iOS multiplayer to be added after launch


The iOS version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown will launch with the full single-player experience seen on consoles and PC, with multiplayer modes following later.

"We're sort of focusing our design resources on the single-player experience. We're certainly going to provide [multiplayer] after launch," XCOM: Enemy Unknown designer Jake Solomon tells Joystiq. "The single-player is what we really – we know that for it to feel like XCOM, the single-player needs a lot of our focus. So we're playing, giving feedback, making sure it feels nice and polished. It's just we're focusing our resources on single-player first."

2K Games is tentatively slating XCOM: Enemy Unknown for launch on iOS sometime this summer. Pricing is still being determined, though Solomon says the game will exact an up-front fee and won't hinge on in-app purchases.

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