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Wolfenstein 3D returns to XBLA, PSN


Wolfenstein 3D is back on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in North America after a brief absence, and is coming to PSN in Europe soon. You can snag id's seminal shooter for $5 on Xbox Live Arcade, PSN or Steam.

Activision had originally published Wolfenstein 3D on consoles just a few weeks after Bethesda acquired id Software in 2009. Bethesda's Pete Hines told Joystiq the re-rating was a necessity for both the ESRB and console manufacturers. "No changes. Was originally published through Activision, so now that it's reverted back to us we have to jump through ESRB (ratings go to the publisher, they don't "follow" the game to a new publisher) and console hoops (game has to be "re-certed" by the new publisher)."

A new entry in the series, Wolfenstein: The New Order, is currently in development at MachineGames, with a tentative launch window slated for later this year.

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