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Apple's Economic Impact Report highlights proposed campus' influx of jobs and money

Brian Heater

Bringing its proposed campus into the world hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for Apple, excess funds or no, but the company's still focused on all the good the UFO-like structure will bring to its beloved Cupertino. According to a newly released Economic Impact Report, the new buildings will bring with them 7,400 Apple employees to Cupertino, boosting the company's total employment number up to 24,000 in that city. With the higher number comes a big bump in base salary for the company, moving from $2 billion in 2012 to more than $2.9 billion when the campus is completed. And building such a structure is no small task, of course -- the three-year job is expect to create 9,200 full-time "high quality, high wage" construction jobs.

The company also outlined plans to fund Cupertino public improvement projects in excess of $66 million -- a number that includes $50.2 million in road, landscape and utility improvements. $35 million a year, meanwhile, is set to fund Apple's alternative commute program, according to the report.

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