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Lune open alpha begins June 9, be the man in the moon


Lune is a simplistic game that gives the player control of the moon, pushing and pulling tides, altering gravity and lighting certain areas to reveal hidden objects. It doesn't rely on words to connect with its audience – but fortunately we do, and we can write down when its open alpha begins.

Lune enters open alpha on June 9, in-browser and for free, through the game's website. The final game is scheduled to launch this fall. It comes from a group of students participating in the French development contest Hits Playtime, and the team would appreciate any feedback that benefits the gameplay.

"We will listen carefully to everything the players have to say about this alpha of Lune and use it to craft a better experience come release date, not only because we believe that people deserve to see what they buy before the buy it, but also because we know that asking for money on Kickstarter is not the only way to let people contribute to a game world and therefore experience a closer connection to it," Lune Designer Sergey Mohov tells Joystiq.

For a team that doesn't like to use words, that's very well said.

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