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Diablo 2 designer brings ChronoBlade to browsers, Ouya, iOS, Android


NWay, a studio founded by Grand Theft Auto creator Dave Jones and former Realtime Worlds president Tony Harman, is bringing a new action RPG called ChronoBlade to browsers, Ouya, iOS and Android. To throw another big name onto the pile, the game is being designed by Stieg Hedlund, the designer behind Diablo 2.

ChronoBlade combines traditional loot-collecting action RPG concepts with 2D beat-em-up gameplay. The game takes place in a "multiverse" setting consisting of many different dimensions, allowing it to include styles ranging from medieval fantasy to steampunk.

A demo should launch on Ouya next week, and an open beta of the browser version is expected to launch later this month. Check out a developer diary after the break.

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