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Diablo 3 coming to the Xbox 360 (and PS3) September 3rd


The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo 3 will launch September 3, 2013, according to a Blizzard post today. This is the first time that we've heard of D3 appearing on the Xbox 360. We heard back in February that D3 was headed to the PS3 and PS4.

We do know that the PlayStation version of the game will play on a different realm and not be accessible by PC consoles. It's probably safe to assume the same will be true for the Xbox 360. We don't know if these console realms will be able to interact with each other. The console versions o the game are also having their UI updated to a more console-friendly format.

The play testing on the PS3 version of Diablo 3 has generally been positive. Blizzard's move to bring the game to the Xbox 360 bodes well for it appearing on the next generation Xbox console as well, although no announcement has been made there. Diablo 3 is expected to have its first expansion announced at BlizzCon in November this year.

The full blue post after the break.

Blizzard Entertainment
On September 3, evil will be reborn on console systems throughout the world with the release of Diablo® III on the PlayStation™ 3 and Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft. That's right, Diablo III will be unleashing hell on both Xbox 360 and PS3™ before summer's end, so lock in your preorders with your local retailer soon.

As an added bonus, all preorders of the Xbox 360 and PS3™ versions of Diablo III will include the exclusive Infernal Helm (in-game item only. . .though we have to admit it'd look pretty sharp IRL). Wearable at level 1, the Infernal Helm confers a +EXP bonus to help you whip your new PlayStation™ or Xbox® characters into shape. Plus, it looks sweet as hell on all five mortal heroes of Sanctuary-be it the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, or Monk. Keep in mind that the redeemable key for the Infernal Helm, which you will find in your preordered console copy of Diablo III on launch day, requires an Internet connection to be redeemed and cannot be transferred across platforms.

Be sure to get your preorder lined up for the PS3™ or Xbox 360 versions of the game and prepare your thumbs to do battle against the sinister forces of the Burning Hells.

Please note that as the Xbox 360 version of Diablo III was announced today, it may take retailers several days to set up their product pages for this new version of the game. Be sure to check back if you don't see Diablo III for Xbox 360 listed on retailers' websites.

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