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Dropbox for Mac beta adds automatic screenshot sharing, "Move to Dropbox" contextual menu


Dropbox offers an experimental builds channel where it lets users try out potential new features via beta builds. The latest build of Dropbox for Mac offers a few cool new features, including:

  • Screenshot to Dropbox -- this feature puts every screenshot taken in OS X into a new "screenshots" folder in Dropbox for easy sharing.
  • Move to Dropbox -- this is a new contextual menu item that allows you to move any file to your Dropbox simply by right-clicking on it and selecting "Move to Dropbox."
  • Import from iPhoto -- this copies photo albums from your iPhoto library and places them as photo albums in your Dropbox so they are viewable via Dropbox on the web.

As with any betas, users should approach with caution. Also, Dropbox routinely adds features in betas that never make it to final release builds. However, if enough users try out the new features and give positive feedback, they could make it into an official release.

Users can download the Dropbox experimental build version 2.3.12 here.

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