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ZTE phone for Sprint clears FCC, shows signs it's the Vital

Zachary Lutz

We're starting to get a pretty clear picture of the smartphones that Sprint has in its pipeline, which include an LG Optimus F3, a new Windows Phone from HTC, the Moto X, the Kyocera Hydro Edge and the Sprint-branded Vital. In a buildup to the debut of the latter, a ZTE-manufactured handset has made its way through the FCC that carries plenty of telltale signs it's the Vital. First and foremost, this one's easy to peg as a Sprint smartphone, since it includes requisite CDMA support and compatibility with LTE Band 25. What's more, while it's difficult to nail down the handset's exact dimensions, it's clear that this one will be in excess of 60mm wide and over 130mm tall -- a likely candidate for a 5-inch smartphone. An encouraging sign for Sprint-lovers, if this does indeed turn out to be the Vital, it'll have a removable battery (and a very healthy 2,500mAh one at that). Sadly, FCC documents also reveal that the handset won't offer connectivity to GSM / WCDMA networks, which means it'll be unsuitable for use as a world phone. Nonetheless, the Vital might very well give stock Android fans a reason to cheer, and this FCC approval seemingly brings it one step closer to fruition.

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