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Petroglyph to shut down Battle for Graxia just two months after launch


Due in part to the colossal success of League of Legends, the past few years have seen dozens of new MOBAs enter development. The genre that was once a niche inhabited by just a few indie developers has rapidly become one of the most competitive online gaming markets in the world, and small studios are finding it difficult to compete. Independent studio Petroglyph Games found this out the hard way when it launched free-to-play MOBA Rise of Immortals in 2011 to a less-than-stellar reception.

The studio attempted to revive the game recently with its Battle For Graxia update, which overhauled the entire game to be more like other competitive PvP-focused MOBAs and added interesting new features like the White Knight system that replaces players who leave in the middle of a game. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have revived the game, as developers announced today that they will be pulling the plug on June 27th. Petroglyph's future now looks uncertain, as the studio has recently lost the development contract for End of Nations and failed to secure funding on Kickstarter for its own RTS game, Victory.

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