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Apple announces it has 6 million registered developers


Apple kicked off WWDC with its typical heap of numbers about the developer community, Apple retail and more.

At WWDC, participants traveled from more than 66 countries to attend, with 64 percent attending for the first time. The developer program has over 6 million registered developers, with 1.5 million added in the past year. As we all remember, tickets for the conference sold out in just 71 seconds. As a result, Apple decided to make a lot of the WWDC content available online.

Tim Cook then hopped into Apple retail stores and announced that 1 million people make their way into Apple Stores each day. Apple now has 407 stores are in 14 countries worldwide, with one of their newest flagship stores opening recently in Berlin. Berlin's Kurfürstendamm store is a showpiece -- it is housed in a 100 year old building that was one of the first theaters in Berlin.

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