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5 tips you may be embarrassed you didn't know


We recently asked, "What are you embarrassed that you didn't know?" Some of the same answers kept popping up and I learned a couple of other things to be embarrassed about.

  1. You can put any color gem in any color socket. Matching colors is only if you're going for a socket bonus.
  2. To move up and down while flying, you can can press the spacebar for up and the X key for down.
  3. Holding down the Del key while flying will make your flying mount do a loop de loop.
  4. Shift-click on mail to have all of the enclosed items go into your inventory.
  5. There is a search bar at the top of your main backpack and your bank that searches all your bags.
Did you know all of these things? I had no clue about the loop de loop myself. What fun!

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