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Android head Sundar Pichai is excited to try out iOS 7


Apple yesterday introduced iOS 7, the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone launched back in 2007. The differences between iOS 7 and previous iterations of iOS are readily apparent and striking. Naturally, Apple's new flat-themed mobile OS has generated a lot of debate. While some think Apple is headed in the right direction, others think the OS lacks that unique Apple flair.

Interestingly enough, one person who can't wait to try out iOS 7 is Sundar Pichai, the head of Android development over at Google. If you recall, Pichai was chosen to succeed Andy Rubin this past March.

The controversy surrounding iOS 7 aside, it is somewhat refreshing to hear someone in Pichai's position express what appears to be genuine excitement over a competing company's product. Can you imagine Phil Schiller, for example, ever tweeting that he's excited to use the latest version of Android?

Of course, it's more probable that Schiller might tweet out that as an iPhone user, he's effectively been using pre-release versions of Android for years now.

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