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Watch Nintendo's E3 Direct right here [Update: It's over!]


Welcome to the Nintendo Direct of Nintendo Directs in 2013 - the fully armed and operational Death Star of Nintendo Directs, if you will. Thanks to the House of Mario's decision to forego the traditional E3 conference, this morning brings a Direct broadcast that should be stuffed to the brim with announcements and games.

Nintendo's streamed presentations are often packed with news, but this is Eee Three, and it's a whole minus world of hidden gems. Nintendo has already promised us it'll be showcasing the new 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros games for the Wii U today, and we're sure it has plenty of other things up its Wii U and 3DS sleeves.

As ever, we've got the North American stream up top for you to watch right here on Joystiq, as well as the European and Japanese streams below the break. The whole shebang kicks off at 7AM PT/10AM ET (3PM UK) and we'll have all the news as it happens.

Update: It's done, check out everything that happened right here.

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