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Boyes on PS4 Used Games video: 'We're having fun'


Arguably the defining point of Sony's E3 conference was the PS4 'Used Games Instructional' video, in which Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida simply handed a PS4 game to SCEA VP of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes. It was an unexpected jab at the Xbox One policy, and a funny one at that. Is this a new, aggressive Sony we're seeing at E3?

"That was Shu and I messing around," a grinning Boyes told us during a roundtable session today as he waxed lyrical about his appreciation for Yoshida and his enjoyment of Sony's E3 conference.

"We go back and forth and we say how are we going to challenge ourselves," Boyes continued, "How are we going to really try to inspire each other to push both first-party, which he runs, and then third-party on our side.

"We're having fun. I guess that's like, coming out there, being able to talk about all the partnerships we've established over the last year. We just love it. Having that 60s television Batman skin up on screen, knowing that working with Warner Bros that's the one we got because we knew - I'm just a nerd for that stuff. We just love it so much. And the 'cheese wheels' comment with the Elder Scrolls stuff..."

"We're just trying to have fun, that's the thing," Boyes added. "And we're all gamers, and the people that we work with are gamers, and they care, and it comes through. And it's just genuine."

At the time of writing, the video's up to nearly 9 million views on YouTube.

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