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E3 2013: DayZ shows off its standalone gameplay

Eliot Lefebvre

Do you like zombies? Wait, that's a silly question, don't answer that. They're horrible undead abominations, of course you don't like them. But do you like shooting them? If so, you'll be happy to see the brand-new footage of DayZ's standalone client just past the break, because this is a game all about shooting zombies. Also stabbing zombies, incinerating zombies, and generally making the world safe for everyone who wants to have a zombie-free living space.

The video stretches for about 12 minutes, covering everything from inventory management to shooting zombies to combing houses for supplies. No word on whether or not the standalone game will include mechanics for fighting against a growing sense of survivalist paranoia or waiting things out at the Winchester, but you can still see what it's like to get your zombie-killing hat on.

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