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Hearthstone offers a peek at more content under development

Eliot Lefebvre

If you've played the beta for Hearthstone, the virtual card game based off of World of Warcraft, you might have thought to yourself that you could use a little more World of Warcraft in your Hearthstone. As it turns out, the development team was apparently thinking the same thing, because now you've got quests, gold, leveling mechanics, and dueling. Pretty much everything other than arguing over raid wipes and peeking at Gearscore, in other words.

Leveling allows you to improve your favorite class through continued play, with experience points earned from wins or losses alike. The team has also added new card frames and several new cards to make the game more fun to play and prettier to look at. Take a look at a rundown of all the changes on the official development blog, along with a peek at several of the new cards that have been added to the game.

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