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Public Enemy backs BitTorrent, releases new single in a Bundle, announces remix contest for fans


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BitTorrent announced its new file format, the Bundle, just over a month ago, giving artists new tools to control content distributed P2P. Now, Public Enemy is one of the first to take advantage of those features by releasing its latest single as a Bundle and announcing a BitTorrent-based remix contest. Downloading the torrent gets you a copy of "Get Up Stand Up," and giving Chuck D and his mates your email address unlocks the Bundle -- thereby netting you the song's music video, outtakes and 37 remix-able multitracks. That last bit is key, as Public Enemy's encouraging folks to submit remixes of the song to the group using BitTorrent SoShare. From those submissions, Public Enemy will pick the best remix, officially release it, and give the winner recording gear and a smattering of Public Enemy swag. Sound good? You bring the DJ skills, and we've got you covered with the source tracks and more info below.

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