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Dropbox for iOS gets new swipe, share features


Dropbox just released a pretty sweet update for its iOS app. The most noticeable new feature of Dropbox 2.3 is the ability to swipe on any file or folder to reveal a host of options for it, including the ability to share, move, delete, or favorite the item. Another great new feature is the ability to create a new folder in your Dropbox right on your iOS device. Then, using the new "move" option, you can place other items inside that folder -- all without accessing Dropbox on your desktop.

Here's a list of all the new features according to Dropbox's release notes:

  • Easily share a link to a folder
  • Swipe on any file to quickly share, move, delete, or favorite
  • Select and share multiple photos with your family, friends, and other humans
  • Bug fixes and other magical performance improvements to keep you happy

Dropbox is a free download.

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