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Latest EVE devblog graphs exploration site usage in Odyssey

MJ Guthrie

Eve Online's exploration-focused Odyssey expansion has been in full swing for a few weeks now, giving pilots time to really delve in and experience the new mechanics. And while we reflected on Odyssey's impact shortly after launch, CCP's latest devblog gives a fuller picture of that impact on the exploration sites -- literally.

With graphs depicting usage of the top three data and relic sites, the blog illustrates how players have flocked to the exploration sites in droves. The Sparking Transmitter site, for example, has seen almost a ten-fold increase in usage -- and that's even after ignoring the initial spike at release. Combat sites like Angel Forsaken Hub in nullsec, on the other hand, saw a marked decrease in activity since the expansion. The blog also offers other graphs, including showing how the global win/loss ratio stabilized quickly.

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